Archidee = Love Emotion Uniqueness Experience Originality Accuracy

Artistic craft workshop since 2006: Archidee was a "workshop", today it is an online 2.0 workshop.

Archidee is in step with the times: instead of handing down the craft in the workshop since 2011 I have been teaching on Youtube and since 2015 in my workshops in Rome.
I invent, design and create jewelry and decorations, this is my job:
I color, mix, lay, cut, model the resins;
I fold, wrap, curl and hammer metal threads with the wire technique;
I model, I engrave, hole, cut, texturize and paint polymer clay;
I embroidery beads, fabrics and braids for soutache and embroidery textile jewelry.

I project and realize cutters for polymer clay jewelry making, with 3D printing technology.
I also made stencils and resin molds.

Each piece produced is Love Emotion Uniqueness Originality Experience Accuracy… and much more!

In each piece there is me.

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